Not a good day to be named John

posted September 13, 2003 by Josh


Yesterday two really cool fucking people died yesterday and it kinda seemed out of the blue when they did. Those two men are John Ritter and Johnny Cash.

If you dont know who John Ritter is you never really were bored on a Saturday and decided to watch TV and came to the conclusion the Overboard with Goldie Hawn was queer the 900th time around, so you stummbled on to Three's Company and there is where you met Jack "PIMP DADDY III" Tripper. To put it into perspective for you Jack Tripper got pussy from every single within a 20 mile radius that is how good he was, and now he is dead from heart failure. I have described John Ritter as the "non sci fi man's William Shatner," because he has done a lot in different aspects of TV and movies and he gets made fun of and just rolls with the punches.

The Man in Black is no longer with us, the first punk to say "FUCK YOU" to everyone that stood in his way and has rocked us for over 50 years will no loger be doing that. The day before Johnny Cash just got out of the hospital saying that he was feeling better from the stomach ailment that he has been suffering from, and now BAM dead. Johnny Cash is and will always be one of my idols because he was just so fucking cool and his attitude was so FUCK OFF and just who he was was awesome.

To pay your respects to them you should watch every episode of Three's Company up until Suzanne Somers left, watch the episode Ted from season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, watch the chili episode of the Simpsons and listen to the wisdom of the Space Coyote, and just listen to a few Johnny Cash albums because he fucking deserves it.