September 11th 2003

posted September 11, 2003 by Jeff


Today is the anniversary of the scariest morning of my life, and probably yours too. I would have given anything to prevent what happened. On this site I am Geen Lantern Jeff, but in the real world, there are no super heroes, just people. Think about people, and ask yourself why we hurt eachother so much, so often. Think about what you can do tomorrow to make someone less miserable, and then think about that the next day, and the next, forever. That is all you can do, that is how you can be a super hero. This is what they taught me, the superheroes I love. The ring would have been nice, but I don't have it. I have only compassion, hope, and a love of freedom and justice. I only have the knowlege that anyone can be the best of humanity, and the worst. So be the best, every chance you get.