Jer's Lack of Schedule

posted September 4, 2003 by Jer


Backstage Animation is up. I'm not feeling so good, I came down with a case of being fired. Yeah, I was supposed to stay at my old job until the end of next week and focus all my energy on finishing a programing project I started, but one manager decided my presence in the office was undesirable to her and kicked me out. This is despite the wishing of pretty much EVERYONE ELSE IN THE COMPANY, because the project I was working on was to streamline a lot of their redundant paperwork and make EVERYONE'S LIFE EASIER.

It reminds me of a story my dad told me. When The Human was created, all the body parts held a meeting to decide who would be in charge. The brain said "I think for the human, I should be in charge." The stomach said "I provide energy the human needs to live, I should be the leader." The lungs chimed in, as did the heart, and each body part proclaimed it's usefulness, until the flatulent voice of the anus was heard. "I am more qualified to be the leader than any of you," said the anus. "No," said the other body parts, "You don't do anything useful, you could never be the leader." So the anus, in it's anger, stopped itself up. Soon, the stomach began to hurt, the brain became dizzy and clouded, the body became polluted and no one could function at all. The anus was so determined to make everyone's life miserable that eventually the body conceded and declared the anus the leader.

The moral is you don't need to be a brain or a heart to be a leader, you just need to be an asshole.