For the benefit...

posted August 25, 2003 by Jeff


This website is an ongoing project dedicated to the success of its authors and contributors, Jeremy Kayes, Jennifer Weaver, Joshua Seiwert, Jason Roberts, Joshua Seffinga, Christina Rogers, and myself Jeffrey Hindman. I speak only for myself. Though some of us hope to attain a kind of fame in performance art, ultimately our universal goal is to be published and recognized. This brings into question fundamental issues inherent in our quest. What are we publishing, and more importantly why? What sort of environment are we attempting to influence? What effect can our work have on the pre existing continuum of public knowledge and thought? Wait now, I have a point.

I am in the process of creating for the review of the viewers of this site, a comic, known as Bear. The comic is a conglomeration of real life experience and things I wish I’d said to people I don’t like because they’re idiots. This comic is a chance to confront the demon in this society known as offense. Offense is an enemy of mine. One has only so much capacity for offense, and it is often used up on things which have no real impact on the current and future sins of our species.

Certainly things offend me, children in Africa with missing limbs carved like turkey to make way for the American sponsored diamond industry, Pat Robertson and his single-minded hateful version of a faith, turned from it’s sole purpose of enlightening it’s believers, Zealotry in underdeveloped countries causing years upon years of misery and starvation, The American self centered, self involved, self aggrandizing, that is stealing freedom and replacing it with a false sense of security which is leading the land of my birth into a black pit of tyranny and oppression. I dissent from popular opinion in that certain things don’t offend me. In a time where a battle rages to stop that which offends, I argue that America is retarded. I mean that in the most literal sense, we are behind, were a little slow on the uptake. We often do not consider actual evils. Only so called dirty words, dirty thoughts, and dirty actions are deemed offensive. We rally against cultures we don’t understand, meaningless words, the happiness of those members of our society that do not fit the norm but do not harm anyone, dissention from popular opinion. We do not rally for freedom of expression, freedom to pursue happiness, freedom to rule our own bodies, freedom from the rules off the weak-minded simpletons that rule this country.

My offense is my only weapon. I am offensive to many, I am aggressive, I am seldom serious in serious times, I make fun of things, sometimes brutally, whether deserved or not. I try to make people laugh because it allows them to see the worst in themselves. Laughter allows them to excuse pain and allow intolerance. Laughter makes us human. Without it we would forever wallow in our past, reviewing atrocity and reliving our worst species sins. Laughter allows us to see the ridiculous in our lives as well, the outlandish, that which we don’t understand, that which we must embrace. I say that silly is one of the greatest awards ever given to an action or thought.

I apologize to anyone offended by anything less than pure human suffering, I apologize for the fault in your system that allows such petty and shallow views. I apologize for god, and for the construction of your weak and faulted species.

I also apologize for ever personally attacking anyone. You see, quite often I’m playing the man people love to hate in an effort to be accepted in some way. I am not immune from personal attack nor the emotions attached to it. I am a nerd, like some of you. I have suffered from the attacks of others, which is why you must know that anything said in that vain, is said in jest and jest alone.

And so in the tone of the proceeding paragraphs I present Bear. Bear will insult, Bear will offend, Bear will tell dead baby jokes, Bear will personally attack those he feels, on a whim, are in need of attack for any reason. In short, Bear is human. He is the worst of us that reveals the best of us, He is our hubris, our insecurity our stupidity, and our hate. I truly hope he will be a beautifull, beautifull bastard. I hope you all enjoy it. Bear is coming Sept. 26th. Speak now or forever hold your peace.