Dance Dance Revolution

posted August 20, 2003 by Jer

Jer- Not In Fact Strong Bad

I can see why the "Homestar Runner" guys started the whole Strong Bad E-mail thing. Answering E-mails can be fun for everyone! Let's take a look at my spam-infested mailbox to see what people have been writing me.

Jer, I have three tiny little letters for you that might make a big difference in the matter of your depression. Those letters would be D, D, and R. That's right, you can find a happy median between your clashing cultures with this fun and involved game. I'm sure that you know the drill, how to play and all. Just go to an arcade with you friends, issue a challenge throughout the entire 'cade to any and all takers for DDR, and stomp your brains out. That last phrase didn't sound to good...anyways. It's a great way to meet new people, and don't forget that you're out of the house -and- playing video games. What will they think of next?

Rock on, Joshua Cannon

Well Joshua, just so you know, there is no way in the seven seething sunken pits of flaming festering hell that I will ever stoop to the utter repugnance of the shameless, desperate attempt of the pasty white, technoholic, socially awkward scum of geek culture to ascend their noble geek heritage by convincing their own feeble-willed minds that they have even the most rudimentary kinesthetic awareness simply because they can stomp their feet when the flashy lights tell them to.

Yeah, I already study a competitive dance style, and in mine the loser gets hurt badly. It's MUCH more fun. On that note, I am seriously considering taking up a less dangerous dance style. Maybe Swing. A friend of Xrys' wants me to learn Contra Dancing, civil war era stuff. That's still a maybe.