posted August 10, 2003 by Jenn


Well, Otakon is over. Neet stuff happened, not-so-neet stuff happened, and then some really COOL stuff happened. Artwise, this con has been my most successful; check this out: I only sold one print, but I did a commission AND sold a painting in the art show/auction for $150, possibly more! More on that later.

There will be Blah, but that's about all I'll have energy/brain power/oomph to do this evening. I need to go back to work so I can relax.

Some shout-outs: To all SplurdLinkers who stopped by and said Hi, to Bola for requesting the commission, to all you folks who came by and expressed interest in my art, even if you didn't buy anything, to the lucky person who won/bought my art in the auction and to Woobie for being the ultimate Splurd security officer: You All Rock.

And now, unconsciousness awaits.