Bad Day continued...

posted August 5, 2003 by Jenn


I hate it when a day starts out quietly innocent and calm then suddenly crashes on you. On my way home from work, I heard a soft clunk come from under my car. Then my engine got really loud, as if I had no muffler. Turns out my entire exhaust line has to be replaced because mine managed to break in two places and was leaking all up and down the pipe. $640. Ouch.

Now, if this was the result of me running over something in the road or being hit, it wouldn't be nearly as frustrating because I would have had someone/something to direct my ire. But no...the way it looks is the part was just old. 7 years can take a toll on car parts. I could direct my ire towards the car parts for dying on me, but I won't for two reasons: 1) My car went for 101K+ miles and 7 years without any system failing before doing anything like this. That's pretty damn good. 2) My car did this early enough in the week so it wouldn't interfere with my plans for Otakon. I'm able to deal with this problem and have it fixed by Friday.

So, since I can't be mad at someone or something in the road and won't be mad at my car, I shall visit my wrath upon this hapless and totally innocent slice of pizza.