posted July 28, 2003 by Jeff


So here's the deal, I'm confused. Am I allowed to be outraged right now, am I allowed to be pissed off. I just wonder if it's patriotic or not. I couldn't take a hearing in the house of Un-American activities, us actors tried that once, we didna' fare well. As always I'm ranting about the government. I have so many damn grievances, but they've all been voiced at one time or another by bigger names than mine. No one in power listens because our red white and blue flag only sees green green and green. Big money controls all and justice, once proud, blind to such things as bribes and skin color now bows to the liscenced gang that is the police, her laws created by men who do not wish the best for the people in this couintry but merely the best for their chances in the next upcoming election. Or maybe just maybe I'm giving too much credit to John Q, maybe America is full of Puritanical simpletons who fall to the ground singing the national anthem on the command of the white house and fox news. Where is common sense? Why is Bush in office? How the hell did he get in there? Why does Cheyney stand to financially benefit from a war he orchestrated, Haliburton being the only company in US history to be "picked" instead of voted on by the senate to take such an effort on? Why the holy mother of living fuck is marijuana illegal? This is causing 22 billion dollars to be lost every year due to 12 billion in expendatures on enforcement and the 10 billion dollar a year loss of income from this, the 4th largest cash crop in the USA. OLD STOGY ASSAHOLIC WHITE GUYS LIKE MONEY , RIGHT?? IS THIS A WORLD GONE MAD? Why is there ever a question about church being seperate from state? It is the year 2003, not 1603. Why is there a cock in this weeks backstage?(see children of splurd forum) Anyway, there are way more questions, but Im tired, come up with some of your own, lets get cracking people. Our parents started a nation wide cultural revolution with less incentive than this, and they were all stoned. It's about time we start talking, It's about time the 20 somethings stand up and rock this country's socks off. C'mon you young crazy psychotic rejects from societies hard cold steel mold, we know what is right and wrong, no blood for oil, give me my rights, live free or die, money is the root of all evil, trix is for kids! We can play guitar! We know how to tye-dye!WE can disregard authority! We can...oooh shiny.