To be continued...?

posted July 25, 2003 by Jer


A concerned fan wrote in asking why so many Backstage animations are "To Be Continued" nowadays. This would be directly related to my bad habit of biting off more than I can chew.

I have ideas all the time. They come in all sizes. Some get picked and become television shows. Other's don't, and become nothing. That was a Pulp Fiction reference there. I'm punk like that.

I love making the 8-bit animations for Backstage. I have these great ideas, but the process takes time—time I don't have a lot of right now. I will soon though.

I work full time. Pretty soon, I'll be working the same job only part time. I'll have less money but more time. Less "To Be Continued" animations.

I WILL finish Cardboard Tube Fighter. I know how it all will work, I just need the time to sit down and do it. The "violence" thing shouldn't turn into a Too Be Continued as well, it's not as complicated. It just takes a LOT animating, that's why I broke it up in to three parts.

Things should get smoother real soon. Thank you all for baring with me.