Running Gag / Book of Death

posted July 21, 2003 by Jer


This weeks Backstage ends a running gag straight from the pages of the Book of Death. Wait, have I ever told you folks out there what the Book of Death is? NO?!!! Well then....

These are the Books of Death. We are currently on our fourth. The Book of Death is the Splurd Community Sketchbook. Any idea, joke, story, concept, brainstorm, ETC. that we come up with while hanging out is immediately scribed in the Book of Death (usually by Jenn or Myself).

Jenn and I started the first Book of Death back at VCU. It was because of the Book of Death that we came up with The Splurd. That's a long story I will not be telling you today. Anyway, a great deal of both Backstage and Blah come from sketches and notes taken in the Book of Death.

Back to the original point: The "porn" running gag is dead now. I guess it's kinda ironic that I'm really not that much of a porn fiend. Oh well, it made me laugh.

Blah will be up later today. Jenn got back from her family reunion way too late.