Exploitation When?

posted July 10, 2003 by Jer


It was nearly a year ago that I wrote about Michael Poe deciding to publish the entire run of his web comic "Exploitation Now" into one book. It was seven months ago that I reserved my hard-cover copy. It was four months ago when KeenSpot was supposed to release it, but fowled up their not-backed-up work files and began piling up delays. It was Monday, July 7th, 2003, when the KeenSpot stamped package arrived at my door.

You know something? It was worth the wait.

The book, "Exploitation Now, Selling Out For Fun and Profit" looks beautiful. It is a small, Japanese-Manga sized hard cover book. It is easy to see that a great deal of care went into the editing. The story flows just the way Poe intended, and the only thing missing are the irrelevant filler pages (such as Poe's brief Sailor Moon vs. Deadpool interlude). Best of all, not one page of the book looks like it was taken from the web. Poe provided high resolution versions of every image. The end result is a beautiful rendition of one of the world's first great webcomics.

I wrote a review of "Exploitation Now" way back when Studio Splurd was getting started. At that point, my goal for Studio Splurd was to introduce webcomics (and all other comic genre) to people who did not already read them. Since then, Studio Splurd has evolved into a sort-of focal point for beginner webcomic artists, and I started writing reviews for the younger, less well-known comics instead of the big, established ones. Through all that though, I remember Exploitation Now going to print being the first piece of comic news I wrote about. It's kinda cool (albeit unprofessional of KeenSpot, but that's another story) that the book got to me so close to the one year anniversary of Studio Splurd.