Crappachino and a bad accent?

posted July 5, 2003 by Chris


I wasn't gonna get in on this, as Seffinga has already defended my beloved comic genere well enough. However I'd just like to point out how much a I FUCKING HATE "high" art snobs.

These are the pricks in my art classes, the bitch who teaches graphic design portfolio, the morons who write reviews for the "art" magazines, and the french.

I'm sick and tired of going into say a "painting" class, working on something say similar (but in no way as good as) Yoshitaka Amano would do - and then the professor coming up and saying, "well that's nice but this is a painting class, not graphic design." And then walking into a graphic design class where the professor talks shit about another valid form of artistic expression. The only classes that I've had where the professor was all down and cool with just about everything, including styles that he didn't neccesarily like was my screen printing class, and the way cool guy who teaches some of the prep classes (and my comic art independent study).

Of course it really wasn't till Andy Warhol, (and others of his gen) that screen printing began to be accepted in "high art" circles.

You know what? Screw that high art crap with a rotting sausage! I NEVER, EVER want to see my work on some little shit's wall with a million dollar price tag on it. That's just fucking stupid. It's a goddamn piece of paper with some ink on it. Or it's some stretched canvas with oil or in. Big fucking deal. I hate the way people try to turn good art into a commodity to show off to their friends. Art is not a status symbol, if it weren't for living in a capitalist society artists wouldn't have to sell out at all.

I even hate seeing things called "fine art" and "folk art." Like you have to go to some damn over priced college to learn how to do art. I've seen some brilliant "uneducated" work come from so-called "folk artists." You can create something meaningful and beautiful as a quilt just as much as you can with some canvas and oil. The difference is that the canvas ain't worth shit and the quilt can actually serve a purpose. I'd like to see Van Gogh's "Starry Night" keep my ass warm in the winter. Well maybe if I used it to keep the fire going.

Unfortunately art has been, and probably always will be an intellectual conciet enjoyed by the "educated" who know better how to interpret art and read into the meaning (just b/c they've taken a few classes) than the unwashed masses. Art can be used as another way to separate the overclass from the proletariat, as much as any other possesion.

So I don't want to hear anymore of this "well this kind is better than this" kinda crap. Art is fucking worthless and priceless at the same time. It is a mark of culture than outlives empires aswell representing their degradation.

And speaking of art, go see 28 Days Later. That's a damn good FILM. My friend Scott said it best, "Zombies meet Sundance Film Festival."