Ding Dong, Jason's Gone!

posted July 3, 2003 by Jer


First, let me bring you up to speed.

Jenn and I split an apartment. Two bedrooms and a living room. About the right size for two people who can mostly stand each other. About a month ago, Jason's asshole roommates destroyed a couple select rooms of the house they all were renting. The landlady basically said "OUT! NOW!" So we offered to let Jay stay here a couple weeks. It was crowded.

About two weeks ago, Jason was supposed to move out. He had a place lined up and everything. It was discovered, however, that no lease was ever signed by either him or his potential new roommates. Things were still crowded.

About one week ago, A lease was signed. Days were being counted.

Today, after a month of sleeping on the floor of our apartment, JASON IS GONE. He is spending the night elsewhere, and moving in tomorrow. The Apartment (AKA Krata Central) no longer has the walking SEP field known as Jason Roberts.

Just for the record, Jay has been a very cool freeloader. Cleaning was done and food was bought, but GOD DAMNIT am I glad he's gone.