Penny Arcade vs American Greetings

posted June 26, 2003 by Jenn


Allow me to reveal a little more of the picture.

As a caveat to those who might think P.A. caused the stock to drop, I recommend you read this, the SEC litigation release against American Greetings. don't have to READ it all but take a peek at it. American Greetings has been in it with the SEC since its former COO and president Edward Frutchenbaum (now THERE'S a name) did a no-no: fraud with regards to his company's stock. That's where American Greetings' troubles started and they're not over; this case hasn't settled yet. The whole Strawberry Shortcake spat is more or less the dollop of whipped cream on the rather bitter slice of pie American Greetings has been chewing on for over a year.