posted June 21, 2003 by Jeff


Dear Weeping Jesus, can we stop making these god awful comic movies that kill the soul of a classic piece of american literature, just to make money on the merchandising. Seriously, the Hulk sucked SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED. It wasn't as bad as DareDevil, but you can only go so low. I fear for the day DC comics sign on to make a smaller franchise comic like hem...Green Lantern into a movie, and totally blow it, like they did with this piece o shit. Rally against this travesty oh comic fans, make them realize that the people they're making these movies for, don't wanna see it if it's gonna be craptrulescent. And it was, craptrulescent. Save 8 bucks and two hours, rent it later on, maybe, but only if alot of another green ganja monster is involved.