posted June 18, 2003 by Jer


Please don't search for a deep meaning. I didn't know what to animate, so I though "Hmm... a cow exploding might be funny."

So thus there is an exploding cow. Its that simple.

PS Jeff, thanks for that apology thing. That's what I meant to say. That thing about people who like cows. Yeah. I like cows too. Not just cuz they taste good, which they do, but I've been cutting back on cheeseburgers ever since McDonalds started substituting "Beef" for "Wax" back in 1999, so yeah save a cow and eat some tofu and stuff. Seriously, Tofu's alright if you stir-fry it. Is it ironic that I animated a cow exploding when I hate Proctor and Gamble for testing cosmetics on animals? I just thought of that, kinda weird huh? OK I'm gonna stop thinking now. Bye.