Head! Hit! Keyboard!

posted June 15, 2003 by Jer


This has been a frustrating week in the life of Splurd. Several functions on Studio Splurd have been fuggled up by my clueless hosting company, Nova Hosting. I gave a quick explanation of what's happened in the forums, but here is a super quick rundown:

When I wrote the code for the Newsposts and SplurdLink, my host had PHP setting A. On Wednesday June 11th, they upgraded the servers, but changed it to setting B. All the code that was based on setting A now had a pretty good chance of breaking when it was used. I spent the next 5 days trying to tell my hosting folks how to set this PHP setting back to A, but they proved they have no idea what I was talking about. I gave up dealing with them, and now I have to reprogram several parts of Studio Splurd to work under setting B.

I learned a little more about coding since then, and more experienced coders are aware of this potential problem. There are ways to program so that the code works under either setting A or B, and that is what I plan on doing.

For my fellow Uber-Geeks, here is a more technical rundown of the problem.

Until I fix this, SplurdLink can not accept new comics. SplurdLink is very important to me, so you can imagine my frustration. The worst part is that my hosting people, despite this infuriating incident, have been hosting Splurd for three years now—since Splurd was a project of Mine and Jenn's at VCU. They have a very good track record for stability, and I do not want to ditch them over this. They are, however, on seriously thin ice right now.