A League with Extraordinary Character

posted June 12, 2003 by Chris


For those of you still living in your parents basments only to emerge for the veritable host of geek offerings upon the silver screen recently may have noticed a most curious theatrical trailer portraying the incredible exploits of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I am here to implore the gentle readers of Splurd.com to not only avail yourselves to a night of moving picture entertainment but to also pursue the scholar-worthy comic books from whence the aforementioned film hails.

Featuring the expert narrative skills of the esteemed Alan Moore and the brilliant draftmanship of Kevin ONiel, the reader will not be disappointed with a purchase of the collective works in trade paper back format (only $14.95!!!).

This tale of wonder and suspense revolves around an all star cast of the villianous and heroic! Any reader of an academic and proliferic nature would recognise the Leagues prominant members.

(For the purposes of the movie)
Lead by the opium addicted Allan Quartermain (The Hunter), the League is joined by such odd characters as Agent Thomas Sawyer,(obvious yes?) Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Henry Hyde,(should also be obvious) Captain Nemo (20 000 Leagues Under the Sea), Rodney Skinner (The Invisible Man), Dorian Gray (The Immortal), M Holmes (think about it Sherlock), and last but not least this motley crew was gathered together by divorcee (and survivor of the scandalous ravishings of a foreigner) Miss Wilhelminna Murray formerly Harker (Bram Stokers Dracula). As a team they must defend the British Empire against Her enemies, pitting their unique abilities against all who would wish to destory the civility and grace of the Victorian Era!

As the written work is HIGHLY recommend by one with impeccable taste, the film also promises high quality entertainment and should be not be missed! Both the comic book and picture film are guaranteed to thrill and entertain and quite possibly cure myopia and dysentery as well!