posted June 5, 2003 by Chris


Response from Cog #788 999 0101 aka Corporate Zombie

Now I have to disgree here, I think you guys are over-reacting just a little bit. Sure, we're losing some "rights" that we never really used anyway, and maybe some people might get hurt through all this. But you're forgetting the important thing here:

We're good decent white Americans (sorry Jen) so the new anti-"un-american" proposals from the government won't a effect us! Beacuse everybody knows that white people don't cause terrorism, it's all those illegal aliens who are destroying our proud culture through the proliferation of their heathen ways.

I think that this will be the best thing for America. What better way to fix the immigrant "problem"? After all according to Pat Buchanan (in his new book The Death of the West) and his amazing G-d given powers to see into the future, by the year 2050 only 1/10 of the world's population will be of European descent. And that just doesn't sound quite fair now does it? And worse yet soon Siberia and the Far East will be lost to MUSLIM invaders!

We need to act now to keep these "un-american" peoples where they belong, serving us burgers at McDonald's and sweeping my porch!