posted June 5, 2003 by Jeff


Mr. Jeff goes to Washington

Let me begin by quoting my father "Your not a conservative because you don't have anything to conserve." He's right I'm not a conservative, I'm a libertarian, freedom is my only goal, but my future is at stake right now, and so is yours. I do believe that is something to conserve. Assuming this article is true, and I don't doubt that it has at least some basis in fact, I fear for America. The current mass apathy and blind support of a government by an unquestioning populace is the biggest threat this country faces.

Since the first pot soaked, tie dyed uprisings of the 60's young men and women have fought a large and powerful organization, the US government. It is not evil, don't get me wrong, its members simply have their own interests, and quite often act with those interests in mind. These interests are not aided by an outspoken and educated public, but rather by a docile and servile mass, who is happy enough with their SUV's , VISA cards, and banal suburban existence.

Any suggestion of an attack on the freedoms of the people in this country, such as one mentioned in the aforementioned article, is the first step to a world that none of us are prepared for. So many of us are ready for an attack from the outside, but it is the attack from above us that we should be most wary about. The government has lied before, it's lying now, and it will lie again. What is it lying about? This is a much more difficult question. Some lies protect us legitimately, some buy time for action, and some allow strong people to become stronger. I follow one rule when it comes to government, those who want power, probably shouldn't have it. To grossly oversimplify the situation (keeping in step with the liberal propaganda I so often tout) George Bush is a scary idiot with big dangerous toy and 4 brain cells to knock together, (I'm being generous) this is an opinion, and it is my opinion. But this is not a well thought out, fact based argument, I have one of those too, but it's too long to put up here. So that's your job as an American, to realize that he is human, and humans make mistakes. Know his mistakes, and those of all who have power over you, otherwise more will be made, and we will all suffer the consequences. The worst thing we can do right now is trust, the best thing we can do is learn.

Band together young America, be the inheritors of the destiny our forefathers left us. Truly great men, young men, idealists and revolutionaries began this country, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Ben Franklin. They challenged a great power, and by defeating it created a great nation. Don't let this nation die, fight for our rights, peacefully, and with great determination. Fight with words, and ideas, fight with hope and knowledge. Don't let "good enough" suffice, don't let injustice and stupidity survive, challenge the lies, the half truths, and the blank spots in what will one day be your history. Be dangerous in all the right ways. If G-men are going door to door, challenging all those who don't bow before King George II, anyone with half a brain should be waiting with opinions a blazing, and have some brownies ready. Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll, lets do it right this time.