posted June 5, 2003 by Jenn


Un-American; we now have a Title.

Un-American, eh? Well, if Splurd hasn't been taken down yet cuz of my quite blunt opinions on Bush and his circus, the Kongress Klutzskis and other high profile figures, I doubt it'll get taken down now.

I exercise my American right to disapprove of what the people who are "responsible" are doing. I reserve the right to scoff at what they make the world think that I, as an American, am saying, doing, wanting and believing. Bush's a great leader? FEH!! I wouldn't trust that man to lead my dog!!...if I had a dog. HEY BUSH!...have you found those WMDs yet? Have you checked everywhere? Looked in Saddam's medicine cabinet? Looked under his living room rug? Checked under the puzzled cat curled up on the windowsill? Look in the arsenals of the country you provide a face for, you'll definitely find them there. Oh wait, that's ok, isn't it, cuz we're the good guys, right? Right. *spits*

If someone who has an active security clearance can run around saying things like this publicly, the rest of the American people should too.