on The Green Lantern and Backstage

posted June 2, 2003 by Jeff


Seriously though

Was too. Should have been the green...marxist...or something. "Ooohh wow, my arrows are so cool, I aim really really well, oh and by the way, I just love Large broad governmental controls placed in the name of the people" The Green Arrow direct quote, see. Commie.

I'm kidding, you really can't down on any of the classics without a semblance of respect. Oliver Queen brought a social activism to the DC comic line up that had seldom been seen before. The line written by Kevin Smith was excellent, and those not penned by the Silent Bob of fame have also gained meritorious advances in the Comic arts. Many a team up with JLA JSA and non affiliated heroes has indeed rocked. I remember quite a few with my good buddy, Hal. And so, props to you Green Arrow, champion of peace justice and tights. Aqua man is still friggin queer. "Woowee I can talk to dolphins.(flippy wrist, flippy wrist) Woowee Robin is HOT!" Aquaman, direct quote, see.