on The Green Lantern and Backstage

posted June 2, 2003 by Jer


Respect For Web Comic Artists

The new Backstage is up, and I realized something interesting about the whole webcomic genre. It's quite easy to spend an inordinate amount of time on a single comic and still be disappointed with the final outcome.

Most of the greats will talk about this regularly. Ian McConville, Fred Gallagher, those of us who read their rants are used to them pouting about how imperfect the most recent comic has turned out even if it looks just fine to us. What I am coming to understand is that webcomics are much like a Turkey Sandwich. There are many delicate elements that go into the finished piece, and if just one of them is a little off, it can throw the entire process off. When you're a perfectionist, it just begins to hurt.


OK, irony of ironies. I was JUST about to write about how I wasn't really happy with how the Green Lantern/Hulk Backstage turned out, when low and behold Jeff calls me as 2:00AM to call me an "absolute pig-fucker" for dissing the Green Lantern, and to assure me that he nearly "pissed himself laughing" at Backstage. I'm going to assume that means the comic is just fine, and leave it at that.