Caution Man - Well as they say in Canada: EH??!

posted May 29, 2003 by Jer


I like reading Caution Man by Martin Skarzynski and BWISH Studios. Not because it's good. It's not. It's an atrocity, but it's a FUNNY atrocity. It's like watching a terrible, TERRIBLE movie without having to pay for it, leave your desk, or even sit through the whole thing. It's that great.

Caution Man is a comic, in the sense that there are pictures with words and they are sequential. The pictures, however, are photographs of the author and his friends in costumes they put together with stuff they found in their basement and posing with props they dug out of their garage. If an episode has a particularly high budget, they may go out to the shed.

Again, let me remind you, the above paragraph is, in fact, a compliment.

The side of me that enjoys reading Caution Man is the same side that reads "Mr. T vs..." comics and intends to see the movie Bubba Ho Tep. There's a lot of really talented, absolutely genius web comics out there, but every once in a while, I actually enjoy a deliberate atrocity. It's the deliberate that's important. If they were trying to be something respectable, it just wouldn't be the same. This is a bunch of guys screwing around for fun, and constantly asking each other "OK, how can we make this even MORE retarded?" Couple that with the neat concept of the live-action web comic, and you have a recipe for RIDICULOSITY! I love it.