Still Too Green

posted May 28, 2003 by Jer


Studio Splurd will be at Otakon this year. We have much planned. All seven of us will be there. We SHOULD have a nice space on Artist Alley, but that has yet to be officially confirmed.

There will be a panel about Web Comics at Otakon. I would kill humans to be included in it. I spoke with Michael Haymore, head of the Otakon Panels about this. Unfortunately, I learned that he has the maximum number of panelists for the Web Comics panel already. I guess this can be expected. Considering that Matt Boyd, Ian McConville, Fred Gallagher, Pontus Madsen, Mike Krahulik AND Jerry Holkins are all not only present, but HONORED GUESTS, there's pretty much no point in me arguing. All I did was make SplurdLink a couple months ago, I'm still pretty green.

If any of you would like to POLITELY let Michael Haymore know he's made a mistake, so that next year his panel may be blessed by the seal of Splurd, you can contact him at That's the e-mail adress he posted on Otakon's contact page, so you'll be using it for it's intended purpose. Don't flame him, I want to be his friend. Seriously.

Update: E! There's an E in "Alley!" I hate the spelling mistakes that spell check can't catch!