The Scariest Moment of Splurd History

posted May 26, 2003 by Jenn


I don't think a burning hatred of spam should translate into a burning fear of sending mass email, especially if the content is knowingly relevant to the people receiving. It's not like we're trying guess an age or gender profile then pitch a product randomly, just in case someone is interested. SplurdLinkers know that their email address is 100% safe with us, so I would figure they may not mind an email from someone who runs the site with a relevant announcement. That especially goes for a situation where a new feature may help them gain some exposure, which is the reason for SplurdLink in the first place. But anyway...maybe it's like a modern-age phobia. Hatred and fear are near-identical twins. If the Splurd-related mass email pissed you off, send one of us an email and ream to your heart's content!

Oh and Jer...please check my critter's food supply, especially the rat dish. Water should be okay. Nums are fully authorized.

*hoping she doesn't come home to find another rat had died while she was away*