The Scariest Moment of Splurd History

posted May 24, 2003 by Jer


In everything I've done for Splurd, what I did Friday, May 23rd was by far the most terrifying. After much deliberation, I decided to send an e-mail to everyone who registered for SplurdLink about the SplurdLink Forum.

The first scary thing was how it would be received. If the record does not already show that I DESPISE ALL SPAM, than let it be known now that I regard spam the same way Tycho regards the undead. Through careful wording though, I think I wrote a letter that was honest enough to not piss anyone off, despite being sent by bulk.

What was REALLY scary though, was the method I used to send the e-mail. I wrote a PHP script to basically send the e-mail to each SplurdLinker. It was pretty straightforward to program, but the scary part was that I had ONE SHOT TO GET IT RIGHT. If anything was wrong, I could have potentially sent the same e-mail to one person 270 times.

That didn't happen. It could have. It actually frightens me how easily someone with basic programming knowledge could totally screw someone's inbox.

The venture seems to have been well received. Several new people have joined the forums, and I'm getting some great ideas what people would like to see next in SplurdLink.

I'm never doing that again though. Way too nerve-racking, and the record will show that right now I am already a severe ball of nerves.