End of Buffy

posted May 22, 2003 by Seffinga


I figured I'd throw my two cents in on the end of Buffy. First off I have to admit to not having watched a lot of the program so if you are so inclined you are totally free to just tell me I have my head stuck up my ass, but I have to disagree somewhat with our dear friend Big Josh on the quality of said show. Best written show on television? Hardly. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but anyone who cannot help but insert a reference to the current pop culture de jour in their series finale needs to take a step back and undertake a serious re-write. All I hear is how great a writer Joss Whedon is and yet he just has to put a Home Star Runner reference in his final episode. What the hell was that? O.K. Joss, I'm glad you are a Home Star fan, I get it, you're cool, I'll take your word for it. But seriously, I hope the Home Star Runner crew Burninate your ass!

As for the rest of the program itself, why have all the "slayer chicks" survive the encounter? They took on like a million bad-ass vampiristic, demonic, sword-swingin', kung-fu soldiers and not a single one of them went down for the count? I don't care if they got "slayer power" or not. Way to take some sacrifices for the good of the show guys. They're willing to kill of two of the better characters (which was actually well done) but they couldn't tag and bag some nameless chicks? What the hell? Also, it was the final episode of the show, only Angel is to continue so how hard would it have been to actually let the Buffy character go? They did a really nifty bit where she got carved up, only to tease people with some actual compelling television. But ultimately it was not to be, they had to take the cheap and non-confrontational way out of it and give us the "bait and switch" of every super-hero story ever told, Death of Superman anyone? When will writers actually bite the damn bullet and kill of a major character and have them stay dead? People got wise to that ploy years ago when the original Superman and Batman, shows were still on the air....shit, even well before that. Caesar Romero was never gonna actually kill off Adam West, it was an overused melodramatic plot device that no one buys anymore. Yet this is supposed to be the best written show on telelvision? Call me when writers are no longer afraid to upset the teeny-boppers and then maybe I could gladly watch network television again.

Don't get me wrong, I have no ill will toward Joss Whedon or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I actually did enjoy quite a few of the episodes, especially when Seth Green was still on the show (Oz did in fact rule, much like Big Josh indicated). Now that I think about it, maybe with these last positive words I am guilty of the same passive-aggressive tactics I just spoke out against in television, afraid to completely call a spade a spade, to take a chance and let my true feelings hang in the wind for all to see. Well, even I'm not entirely sure how I feel, maybe I'll just pull my head out of my ass.

oh yeah, for those not so hip to the splurdagumi lingo, when Big Josh said "uperplex" he was refering to the "superplex" of wrestling fame, but the one done from the middle rope, ala Steve Austin. Since it doesn't have the extra "umph" of the top rope it loses the "S", it just isn't as "super." And now you know, and knowing is half the batt....oh crap, sorry Joss.