End of Buffy

posted May 20, 2003 by Josh


Greetings SPLURDLINGS! Big Josh here to tell you about a show that is coming to an end today and that show is Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Now I know what you are thinking, "...Josh you watch that gay ass crap..." and the response from me would be overwhelming, "DIE BITCH!!!!" but I will not use this post to UPER PLEX your stupid asses no I am here to pay homage to a show that has grown on me so much that I am now a true BUFFY GEEK.

This show was the best portrayal of high school life even though there was paranormal activity all about it captured better than a lot of shows that people said really captured that time. Another reason why this show will be sorely missed by me is the writing, in my mind it is the best writing on TV and people that are trying to break ground in the future of television should take note from this show, the way the dialogue is written how the stories roll with each other the suspense everything. This show is also the best paranormal comedy-drama ever, FUCK X-Files, FUCK Baywatch Nights, and FUCK Charmed this show kicks all there asses like its name is Young Link and Jer is at the helm!!!!

And now I would like to thank the cast personally in this rant so:
Sarah Michelle Gellar-For playing a strong female role without diluting the fact that you were a little girl through all this.
Alyson Hannigan-For being the coolest lesbian witch out there in the TV universe.
Nicholas Brendon-For basically portraying me to a tee if I lived in California and being involved with all that garbage.
Anthony Stewart Head-For being so cool as the father figure to all the scoobies.
Emma Caulfield-For being the most brutally honest person on the show.
Michelle Trachtenberg-For portraying someone just thrown in the mix. KUDOS!!
James Marsters-For being the coolest British, peroxide covered vampire ever!!!
Eliza Dushku-For Faith (Nuff Said)
Amber Benson-For being the sweetest most dead lesbian witch ever.(sorry)
Seth Green-Fucking OZ man, fucking OZ!!
Danny Strong-For being completely invisible for every season
All the Big Bads-For being the coolest villains on TV.
Joss Whedon-For creating all of it. Thank you!!!

That is all I have to say on that now. I am going to watch Buffy and have fun ok. Oh yeah I liked Reloaded so screw you Jeff.