My sails lack wind

posted October 3, 2002 by Jer


When my brother and I play Warcraft, we tend to wipe the floor with all who stand before us. This causes a lot of the people who stand before us to talk a lot of trash. I've found it REALLY bugs them when you respond politely, complimenting what they did well in the match. They hate that. They hate that SO MUCH!

It seems to me that Scott Kurtz studied at the same school of thought, considering his reaction to Scotty Arsenault's harsh criticism. The end result? I was greatly entertained.

Personally, I love both strips. PVP online does use shortcuts, but the strip is well written and pulls off some great gags. Commander Kitty updates approximately every 5 days, but is well drawn and reads like a Saturday morning cartoon show. I suggest checking them both out.