Movies and New York

posted May 19, 2003 by Jeff


Well then, I'm in new york city and wow, big, lemme tell you. anyway i thought id actually post something for once. Basically im just going to nonsensically toss some opinions out there.

Matrix reloaded, what the hell was that, dear weeping jesus, as your friend and mine Josh Seffinga likes to say, damn thing was dumber than a football bat. I thoroughly enjoyed about 8 minutes of it, fighting was cool, i guess, effects looked like toy story, and the story went nowhere. Ok so they say its half a movie, no excuse, it still blew goat.

Xmen 2. ok this one got me good, wow what a movie. I had heard mixed reviews but damn was it scrumptious. This movie, minus a few nerd alert incongruances to the written works, rocked. utterly and completely.bub. For both of the proceeding movies i will state that the previews kicked ass, league of extrordinary gentleman, the hulk, ok so i wont see nemo but two outa three aint bad

Topic number three, not a movie. I would just like to say, america is alive and well here in the city. People here are surprisingly nice.The homeless are examples of creative advertising, man these guys and gals think up some crazy shit for a buck. Here in NYC nobody likes Bush, cristianity taint got hold o the people like in the south, libertarians run amock, you can get chinese delivered at 3:45 am, NOT having a tatoo is wierd, I havent found one ice cream place that doesnt sell pistachio, and bongs are sold on every corner. Honey im home. Cominayayha.