Otakon Artist Ally

posted May 15, 2003 by Jer


The "Otakon" Anime Convention happens every August in Baltimore, MD. It is a big deal for comic fans like us, especially those of us who draw comics as well. I have been trying to register myself, Chris, Jenn, and Big Josh at Otakon's Artist Ally, but it is proving to be remarkably difficult. Chris even described the scenario as "Shifty."

None the less, I have been in communication with the Otakon staff regarding the impossibility of registering for Artist Ally. According to Susan Monroe of Otakorp Correspondence Department, there is some legal paperwork that must be completed by their lawyer, who until recently had been on vacation. Says Monroe, "I will be seeing [our lawyer] at the meeting on Saturday (May 17th) and I will see what I can do about getting him to finish with them so that we can post them on the Otakon Web-site."

I assume by "them" she means legal forms for Artist Ally Registration. Her letter was not totally clear on that. I'll be sure to post more information once it gets to me.