Top Web Comics - The System is Down?

posted May 14, 2003 by Jer


I'm quite worried about the state of Top Web Comics. TWC has been a long standing pillar of support for the webcomics community. A lot of the webcomics that we know and love really got their start from Pierre-Luc Brunet's service. I can't imagin web-comics without TWC.

At the time of this news post, the site is a simple place-holder page. All the webcomic sites across the net who have TWC-Vote buttons lead to a broken page. Right now, I don't know why they are having trouble. If any Splurd readers have information to share about TWC, please e-mail me or let us know in the Comics News Forum. I will try to post what I learn in a subsequent news post.

UPDATE: After three days of down time, TWC seems to be up and running again today. Abort panic.