The New Britannica

posted May 9, 2003 by Seffinga


Dig it Splurdlings, Mr. Seffinga has arrived! I'll be coming to you semi-regularly (or at least more often than G.L. Jeff anyway) to entertain, educate, inform, and just to spout the same kind of general tom-foolery you've come to expect from us Splurdagumi.

Much thanks to Jer for bestowing upon me the title of walking comic encyclopedia, but I'm not entirely sure if could possibly live up to such a weighty title...I guess I'll have to let all you splurdlings decide. As for who I actually am, that is a matter of mystery in and of itself. I'm a film student in transition, finishing my bachelors and soon to be starting a graduate degree in film production (I hope). Oh, and I'll hold my own against Chris and Big Josh in Transformers trivia any day of the week! Bring it!