Jer's Art Style

posted May 2, 2003 by Jer


Those of you who read Backstage know that I change art styles on almost a per-strip basis. The most common element to change was the ink. At first I used Sakura Macron pens, later I used a calligraphy pen, then I moved to a brush and india ink, and currently I am skipping ink altogether and embracing the sketchiness of raw pencil. To be honest, I've never been happy with any of these methods.

Ink has always been my weakness. I never really had a single specific inspiration for my artwork, so I had to come up with my own tricks for building a face, a hand, a human figure, etc. I feel that because of this, my pencil style is pretty unique. I've also been using Photoshop since it was version "4.0," so I am really happy with my method for coloring comics digitally.

No matter what I do, though, ink kills it. As confidant as I am of the beginning and the end of my artistic process, I can not settle on a middle that suits me.

I had been tossing around an idea, though, and after watching how some of the major webcomic artists produce their work, it may be the direction I want to go. I'm going to do one more Backstage in just pencil, and then I'm going to attempt to start inking with my Wacom. Considering that Photoshop is My medium, I probably should have started doing it that way earlier.

Backstage is my experiment. Once I am finally happy with my art style, The Elves of Iax will begin. EOI is a project that I had worked on for 6 years straight, only to put on ice to do all the Splurd stuff you see now. Everything I do here is all part of my plan to draw and publish EOI for a living. Just the though of working on the final version makes me happier then I can put into words. It's only a matter of time.

I may be an impatient perfectionist, but I am a very patient impatient perfectionist. Of this you can be certain.