Oh no! Sue me, I have a VCR!!!

posted April 26, 2003 by Chris


So a judge finally had the balls and integrity to stand up to the RIAA in a legal battle to shut down Gokster, Kazaa and Morpheus. Citing an earlier precedent regarding the legality of VCRs; which back in the day, movie/tv companies wigged out about claiming that it would ruin the two industries...oh and 20 years later it hasn't happened.. (not to mention how the RIAA spazzed about cassette tape recording which would "destroy" the industry...hasn't happened yet...) pretty much saying that there are legit reasons for peer-to-peer sharing (of which I can think of about a million uses just by virture of being a graphic designer and having to send huge files to clients...), even though P2P can be used for "illegal" transfers as well.
Of course they're gonna appeal, and prolly buy off the next judge they come across. But one can always hope that the comparison to VCR recording will hold up. Because OH MY GOD they might try to take my car away next b/c many automobilies are used for illegal crimes!!! Let's crack down on those freedoms kiddies b/c this sure as hell ain't America!! Maybe the RIAA is secretly funded by the Taliban who want to use it as a way of undermining our secular lifestyle through the destruction of information sharing. B/c the more educated the masses are, the more you invite REVOLUTION.
And we can't have people knowing just how badly Madonna's new cd SUCKS b/c then they might actually demand QUALITY music/products instead - and we can't have that now can we?