posted April 24, 2003 by Chris


Big pile O' Hate!

Yeah man there is some great things goin on... And then there is some serious CRAP. I cried like a little Daisy Scout when I saw my beloved TFs being totally lamed out in the Armada cartoon. Since when was Lazerbeak a tweety bird Autobot? But I'm not going there.
What pisses me off, are kids like 6-7 years younger than me, co-opting MY 80s consumer-culture and turning it into trash. I especially get ticked at these losers with Autobot/Decepticon decals/patches who've never even seen the damn movie! And of course the aforementioned "Raver Brite" really pisses me off. Candy kid ravers piss me off like nothing else.
Oh, stupid sad suburban white kid can't enjoy himself w/o turning his brain into swiss cheese. Jesus, get over yourself and smoke a joint AT HOME for crying out loud. And STOP ruining my club scene by getting the cops and the gov't to crack down on it and make it so I can't even taking fucking eyedrops for my contacts into the place! And if I see one more 12 year old with a fucking glittery "Raver Brite" shirt and skank low riding jeans I'm gonna wig out. Fucking kids weren't even born yet!
There's nothing wrong with being down with previous counter cultures, lord know I love me some British Punk (no I'm not talking about that SHIT over in the States either) and that was a wee-bit before me. But these kids could at least take the opportunity to learn about it. Granted there ain't much to the 80s consumer culture other than "buy me now" but if these kids want to know about the 80s they need to do a lot more than buy TF/SSC/etc plastic crap from Hot Topic, or pick up old vinyl to play on daddy's old record player (anybody know what is significant about the Beogram 4000??). I want to actually find on these kids that can quote The Breakfast Club, Hackers, Pump Up the Volume, and other great 80s teen classics. Oh and can some little hot topic t-shirt wearin kid tell me what's missing from The Goonies? Prolly not, b/c nobody remembers the ORIGINAL beta release, unless you do a google search...

And don't get me started on why I hate wannabee-goth's more than just wearing black...stupid pubes.