posted April 24, 2003 by Josh


Fucking Nostalgia!!!

OK! OK! OK! OK! We get it the eighties are coming back in a big way and there is nothing we can do.... except complain and point out that it is only cool when it is done in good taste, you know like jokes about dead babies. Nostalgia is when someone wants to do something that has already been done, and usually not to make it better, to make cash... FUCKING HACKS!!!!

Now there is some good uses of nostalgia lately trust me about this. First the new He-Man Toys rock superior amounts of ass and the cartoon is not half bad, just remember the old Masters of the Universe were all the same guys. Second the Transformers G1, Armada, and War Within are great books (the cartoon is shit) and I should know being a huge Transformer fan myself (I'll let my peeps tell you all about). Final would be the fact that the new Zelda game The Wind Waker is the only Gamecube disc that does not have black on it and it is entirely GOLD BLING BLING!!!

I know there are some other things I left out but all I wanted to do was show the ups and severe downs of nostalgia.