Keenspot = Fubar

posted April 17, 2003 by Jer


Consider this a press release.

Hi, this is Chris Crosby, co-CEO of Keenspot and editor of the EN book. I've been wanting to send another mass E-Mail to every EN book buyer about this (replying to the dozens of individual E-Mails would take time better served elsewhere right now), but the techie that knows how to do that is on vacation, so for now I'll post this update here.

In March the computer that the EN book was being created on had a major hard drive crash and a lot of the finished book data was lost. Re-laying out the unsurviving pages has delayed the book AGAIN, sadly. It is now at the printer. If all goes well, the paperback should be ready to ship in late April and the hardcover in early May. We're really sorry, but it couldn't be helped (aside from the idiocy of not backing up the data).

If you would like a refund, please E-Mail and we will give you one.

Rest assured that we are NOT ripping anybody off. We have printed many, many books at a LOSS just because we don't want to rip people off. It would be insane not to publish this book, considering it is profitable. It may be late, and we're really sorry about that, but it WILL be delivered to everyone who ordered it, along with a special free gift we're including as a reward for waiting.

Once again, a thousand apologies. We have learned many lessons in the production of this book (our largest by far, and our first-ever hardcover) and such delays will not happen on future Keenspot books.

~e-mail from KeenSpot regarding the delay of the Exploitation Now book

Make your own opinions, folks. Personally, if KeenSpot whines about not making money, I don't want to hear it. I work for a publishing company, and if we did shit like this, we would be out of business. This is unfortunate, but it's irresponsible for a publishing company that wants to be taken seriously.

My point: If you want to publish your webcomic, I highly recommend self publishing with a company who knows what it's doing. Do not put up with shit like this.

Granted, now that I think about it, there aren't a lot of alternatives.