About who is smooth?

posted September 27, 2002 by Josh


This is an objection to who or what is the smoothest in the entire "Fiction" universe.

While I do agree that Bugs Bunny can handle pressure of having a double barrel shotgun pointed at his cute wittle wabbit head. I think the smoothest being would have to go to Sweet the main demon from the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Let's just face it he can sing, dance, controls a horde of ventriliquist dummies, he wants to take Dawn (Michelle Trachtenburg) as his queen to the underworld without even sweating the fact that she is the Slayer's sister, and he can change the color of his outfit in front of your eyes.

Oh yeah he also makes people spontaneously combust from dancing too much. "He is so smooth he lacks friction." (actual me quote!)