posted April 9, 2003 by Chris



First, I am a COMPUTER person. A "PC" is a personal computer, therefor a Mac is a PC.

Second, I started out on a fucking Commadore 64 at the age of 6, doing Dos and the whole nine yards.

Computers sucked for awhile, so we stopped with the Commadore products (which still kick ass) and didn't come back till the "internet" (which had really been around back in the '80s with BBS and bod modems) started up like wildfire.

We bought an IBM that ran Windows 95. And it sucked. So did 98, 2000, blah blah. And XP is a freaking Fischer Price playkit.

Then I became a graphic design major and bought a Mac, G4 733mhz blah blah. It runs faster and more efficient than my roomate's Window's XP 1ghz machine. But he plays video games (and damn cool at that) and I DESIGN. Different tool for a different job.

Oh, and I use OS9, which rocks much ass. I can use it cleanly and efficiently. I am a power user, my Mac is tailored to my customizations and obeys my every whim. OS X sucks. OS X.2 (Jaguar) is very very cool. Sporting the much loved Unix coding, Jaguar is the best out there for the designer.

But if you're doing video games you may as well stick with the XP b/c that's what the games are being made for, and once you actually know how to use a computer (thus ignoring the whole reason for a "user friendly OS - ie for the stupid consumer) things work well.

Or if you do netwrok admin. Use Linux. ALL THE FUCKING WAY. Go REDHAT!

I'd just like to point out that in my Best Annual Report Design of the Decade book, the Annual Report for Microsoft was in fact created on a Macintosh using Quark XPress 4, Illustrator 9 and Photoshop 6.

Just a little public service announcement....