posted April 9, 2003 by Jer


I am a PC person. I've been using PCs since they ran DOS 3.0. In middle school, I had a DOS run PC that was held together with Duct Tape. Since then, I've had no problem dealing with Microsoft junk.

Yet, odd for my species, I don't mind MAC. OS-X in particular is a very smooth system. Having used earlier OS versions, it reminds me much of Windows XP; ie: they've finally worked out most of the bugs.

I'm working on becoming totally fluent with both MAC and PC. Based on my experiences with the MAC I have at work (AKA: The Wind-Up Mac, Stupid G3 Bitch, The Devil), I would like to present the following public service announcement.

Remember PC people: If you're trying to overcome your fear of MAC, anything that says "G3" or "OS9" is BAD!!!!!!!!!

Friends don't let friends use crappy hardware.