The Oldschool Lounge

posted April 6, 2003 by Jer


I have an idea, and I'm thinking about going through with it. Now that SplurdLink is running (for the most part) on it's own, I suppose I need something else to use my psychotic work ethic on. (god forbid I use it to update Backstage regularly...) This is my idea.

Get a place. The place I have in mind used to be a "Best Buy" store, big open space. Divide it into three rooms.

Room One: The LAN Room. Nothing too original about this idea, get a bunch of good computers, (a few Macs, a few PCs) load the popular multiplayer games on em, and hold events. Charge to get in, and have a bar with snacks and sodas on hand.

Room Two: The Event Hall. A bit more complicated, I'd take a few aspects of Conventions and put them in a permanent place. Some event ideas: Friday and Saturday during the day: Artist Alley. Charge a fee for a table, and any nonprofessional artists can set up shop and sell/promote. Sundays: Tournaments Collectable Card Game tournaments would be the first thing to come to mind, but anything that's popular will work. Maybe set up projection screens for arcade game tournaments, like DDR or good ol' Tekken.

At night in the Event Hall would be DJed dances. Lighting, glowsticks, everything, but the music and atmosphere would be for US. I'd have a J-pop night, get my good friend DJ PUDGE down here. Or possibly Old School night, play some real dance music instead of the sickening processed HipHop/Techno that just about every club in DC likes to play, and maybe throw in some OverClocked ReMixes, just to have fun. (NOTE: I don't have a problem with either real HipHop or real Techno, I just never seem to hear the DECENT stuff at DC clubs)

Room Three: the best part of this whole plan - The Old School Lounge. A room with comfortable couches, nice, big TVs, and a game-system hooked to each one. Old-School game systems, nothing past DreamCast. I'd charge a cover fee to get in, then you chill out and play or watch for as long as you like. I'd have an extensive game library, and recommend that you bring your own controllers, that way you take care of it rather then picking up a house controller and finding it in shit condition.

Yes. It would be beautiful. It would be exactly what our generation needs, and if I did it instead of some corporation, it would have meaning behind it... It would be beautiful...

...If only it didn't take a load of money and time I just don't have. If I can just get past that...

I think I can do it.