Red Dwarf

posted April 1, 2003 by Chris


Finally, one of the greatest science fiction shows EVER is available on dvd! Released in the States in Februrary (earlier in the UK), are the first two seasons of Red Dwarf (which had 8 seasons and 1 movie currently in production). As the seasons are very short (about 6 episodes a piece) each season is contained within one dvd.

Red Dwarf takes place on the space mining ship of the same name where a deadly accident leaves the lowest ranking crew member the only surviving human on board. He's stuck with a smart mouthed computer AI, a smeghead hologram, and a sharp dressing cat. Nevermind being 3 million years from home. Naturally since the show is British it is full of ribald humour and insanity, while stll maintaining a somewhat serious plot.

Red Dwarf is one of those shows that has achieved cult status among those lucky enough to have snagged bootlegs, seen the original BBC broadcast, or caught the obscure PBS re-broadcast. There is a convention devoted to it in the UK (Dimension Jump X is this coming weekend in fact), and the fanclub is going strong. Red Dwarf official site

I highly suggest checking out this series. If you are a fan of pulp science fiction (and not that watered down soap opera crap that they call Star Trek these days), wacky comedy, and all things British - then you won't be let down.

So go buy it, the Power of Chris compels you!