Where's the Restart button?

posted March 30, 2003 by Jenn


I'm not feeling up to my usual long cynical criticism today but I do have to get this out.

At the moment, Pentagon brass and other high-ups who are running this war are annoyed and surprised at Iraq's battle tactics of late. Iraq has been attacking the US supply lines and marching civilians in front of targets, forcing the US and British troops to hold their fire. Please...PLEASE tell me the folks who planned this war thought of this. We all know what kind of person Saddam is by now; the ones behind this war probably know him even better. Please tell me they didn't think Saddam would fight according to the Rules. Saddam and his regime are sneaky and deceptive (we already know what happened with some of those false surrenders). This isn't Warcraft III, where if the computer starts stomping you sooner than you had planned you could just restart your game. I mean, come on. It seems to me that the ones over there in the sand, getting dirty and shot at are our best and brightest, while the ones running the show here, comparatively safe, clean and secure, are at least one can short of a six-pack...the smarter ones.