Thnik about it...

posted September 26, 2002 by Jay


Now I feel that I should add my own little nugget of *ahem* knowledge to the assorted pile.

I'm a firm beleiver in Karma. However, I don't think of it in religious context so the fact that I call it Karma is more a matter of convenience. Now lazy people, such a s myself, get it back with interest. I spend probably an inordinate amount of time doing nothing. As a result when things come up like tests and deadlines, they always happen at the same time during the same week and sometimes on the same day. It really gets annoying after the first day of it but for me it usually goes on for about two weeks at a time.

Some might say that it's procrastination, which I do my fair share, but no amount of procrastination can account for all the shit that I put up with for these two week intervals.

What I'm trying to say is, when you do something, prepare to reap the benefits or setbacks.