Jer's Busy Weekend

posted March 23, 2003 by Jer


Wow, a lot happened this weekend.

Our ad on 8-bit Theater has officially run itself out, and since we got so many new fans from Brian's cool little site, we have dedicated the latest Backstage to our successful business with

I got a couple e-mails asking me "Hey Jer? If you love 8-bit Theater so much, why isn't it on SplurdLink?" Well, the answer is simple: Brian is much too busy. SplurdLink works by letting artists add their comic to our list. So if a comic you like is missing from SplurdLink, you guys out there need to tell the artist to post it. For now, other big guys like Penny Arcade and MegaTokyo have bigger fish to fry, so being a part of a list like SplurdLink isn't exactly a high priority for them. ( least until their fans start pestering them! Hint Hint!)

Anyway, the newest Backstage ranks up there on the COOLEST THINGS I'VE EVER DONE! I'm a little proud of it. Please check it out.

Next, one of two new faces has been added to the Splurd roster. G.L. Jeff, (or as I call him, Splurd's Marker Bitch) is officially a Splurdling. The other new face, Mr. Seffinga, will be added soon as well.

Jeff is our drawing ninja. Where it takes me (the impatient perfectionist) hours upon hours to do one drawing, we give Jeff a Sharpie and he'll have 10 new drawings done in 30 minutes flat. In the span of a day, he drew 5 newspost icons for himself, drew 5 new ones for Jason, made a sandwich, consumed it, then sketched a working storyboard for War and Peace, The Movie. OK, last ones an exaggeration, but only cuz we didn't have any Mountain Dew on hand.

Lastly, there is the matter of you. Yes you, who are reading Splurd now, even though we are not advertising anywhere at the moment. You are the TRUE Splurd fan. To thank you, I have done something that I have not done since I started Splurd MK4... I Have Updated The Animation Section!

OK, its just the same lil 8-bit animation from today's Backstage... but with MUSIC! Pretty Neat, huh?

Dig it.