And So it Begins

posted March 22, 2003 by Jeff


Hello....This is your friendly neighborhood Green Lantern Jeff. Im new here at splurd but not to the splurd crew. I enjoy Vonnegut, ranting without any real forknowledge of subject matter, and corn dogs. I am in fact an actor, and I fancy myself a bit of an artist. This means I am unilaterally poor, but fundamentaly happy, theoretically. It mostly works out in practice. I am aparently quite the loud mouth ass and look forward to many offensive emails from disgruntled readers. I am a libertarian and not insane, a rare breed for sure. Im not gonna get all political here, that's for later. For those who enjoy a little off color humour and naughty naughty language, not to mention an overabundance of extraneous pot smoking, look for "Bear" my own online comic which should be joining the Splurd universe soon.