Shades of Gray

posted March 20, 2003 by Jer


Most of you know I live in Washington DC. Most of you also know that George W. Bush started bombing Iraq. For those of you who can not put two and two together, that means I am surrounded by protestors today.

Everyone has an opinion about the war. According to the news, 50% of Americans supported the war before we started bombing, and now that its begun, the number jumped to 70%. What most disturbs me is the total lack of grays. To hear the news tell it, everyone is either for or against the war. Period. This is how they could justify saying support for the war went from 50% to 70%. So many people have friends and family in Iraq now, and would like them to return home safely. It all depends on the survey question asked: A person who would say "No" to "Do you support George W. Bush's war?" might say "Yes" to "Do you support American troops in Iraq?" What the news is NOT reporting is WHY people support or don't support the war.

Do you support the war because:

Are you against the war because:

No one person is going to agree with everything I wrote up there, but there is a pretty good chance everyone agrees with at least one from each list. My point is that there is so much more to issues like this besides being "For" or "Against." The news companies like dividing it up into "For" and "Against" because it settles everything all nice and neat, but we need to remember that things are never that simple.

Please, everyone, TALK to each other. If someone you know disagrees with you, don't pass them off as a retard, try and learn why they think that way. Maybe if we talk enough, we'll figure out a better way to deal with this crisis.