I May Have a Superiority Complex.

posted March 19, 2003 by Jer


I am of the opinion that the Ten Commandments that Mr. Godman gave Good Ol' Mo on top o' Mount Sinai have become a bit out-of-date. So I thought I'd write my own.

The Ten Commandments of Jer

1. Thou shalt not give me shit.
2. Thou shalt not half-ass.
3. Thou shalt lead or thou shalt follow, but thou shalt not be in the way.
4. Thou shalt not proselytize.
5. Thou shalt settle all disputes with Kung Fu fights.
6. Thou shalt respect those who respect thou.
7. Thou shalt treat others how thou wishes to be treated.
8. Thou shalt do what needs to be done, or thou shalt not bitch about it.
9. Thou shalt not act incautiously around the grinning, bald old man.
10.Thou shalt dig it.

Special Splurd Points if you can tell which one is blatantly ironic. What good is a religion that doesn't contradict itself?

Special note to Terry Pratchett fans: Why is "Rule One" all the way at number nine? Simple: so its close to the end and you won't forget it.

Expect this on a T-shirt in the near future.